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We began in 1999 delivering quality chiropractic health care to the Tucson/Oro Valley/Marana/NW Tucson community. Since that time we have expanded our health services to include massage therapy, exercise, spinal decompression, nutrition,  pain management and, most recently, acupuncture and healthy weight loss. We believe that your health is your most valuable asset.  People consult us after they have lost their health and, most commonly, are suffering with some degree of pain.

We address symptoms such as neck pain, whiplash, back pain, headaches, and other painful conditions. Our goal is to relieve the pain as quickly as possible and then to address the issues that caused the episode to occur. We provide individual Tucson chiropractic treatment plans that are constructed to meet your health care goals. We are providers for most insurances and will assist you in getting the insurance benefits you may have. There are affordable cash plans available for those without insurance benefits.  

Jim Westerman, D.C.
Erika Hackett, D.C.

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